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The kitchen is at the heart of every home. We specialise in quality kitchen makeovers.

What is a Quality Makeover?

A Quality Makeover involves upgrading, modernising and improving the style of your kitchen, without the structural changes of a renovation such as removing walls. A professional property makeover service improves your living space design and style.

We incorporate quality materials for your kitchen from bench-tops to kitchen appliances.

We can help you prepare for the sale of your property, improve the rental potential or to beautify your surroundings.

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Premium Kitchen Design

Our Quality Makeover team come to you, take into account your preferences, giving your kitchen a modern touch with an eye-catching yet functional design you will love.

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High-quality materials

Our kitchen makeovers use the best materials for flooring, walls, benchtops, cabinetry and appliances to give your kitchen practical and long-lasting quality.

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We inject personality

Your kitchen should reflect your unique style and personality. Our kitchen makeover solutions are tailored to your space, style, personality and colour preferences.

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We add value to your home

We focus on adding value to your home, if you are preparing to sell or if you want to maximise rental potential. Our experts in kitchen makeovers are on hand to help.

Kitchen Makeover vs Renovation

You may be wondering what is the difference between a kitchen makeover and a kitchen renovation? A kitchen renovation can change the layout of the room and repositioning of plumbing and electrical. It can involve removing walls to open up a space. A kitchen makeover involves enhancing the appearance of your kitchen with a fresh new look. It can include changes such as updating benches, cabinetry, taps/fixtures to stylish high-quality materials and appliances. It can also include changes such as re-tiling or painting. It improves the appearance of your kitchen, without changing the fundamental structure as a renovation can do. It can be a more affordable and time efficient option.

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Kitchen Makeover

A fresh new look, without changing the layout.

Update the kitchen's appearance with quality materials for benches/cabinetry, re-tiling, flooring or painting. 

More affordable as it doesn't change the structure. 

Can be less disruptive with access for everyday use. 

A kitchen makeover can be fast, and still look fresh and modern.

A kitchen makeover service manages all trades.

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Kitchen Renovation

Update the kitchen structure or position of fixtures.

Can include repositioning cabinetry, sinks, electrical and plumbing. Removing walls or adding windows.

Can be a higher investment (size, layout and labour).

Can be disruptive with limited access for 2-3 weeks.

A kitchen renovation can be time consuming with structural changes.

A kitchen renovation service manages all trades.

Why Choose Quality Makeovers for Your Kitchen Makeover

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Attention to detail

Our team is experienced in kitchen makeovers in homes and offices in Sydney for over 10 years. Our industry experts pay attention to the finer details to make an impact for your kitchen design and functionality.

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Trusted Service

We are a family-owned business with over ten years of experience. We are fully licensed and insured, and offer a seven year guarantee on all our work. Our commitment is to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Quality products

We love turning your vision into a reality. Whether you’re looking for a unique design, quality benchtop or splashback, or seeking other unique details like the perfect tiles, we can help guide you to the best options.

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Why You Need an Expert for your Kitchen Makeover

Cutting corners and trying your hand at DIY for your kitchen makeover may not be the best option if you do not have the skills or experience in kitchen remodelling and design. For a professional job, leave your kitchen in the hands of experts with kitchen design skills and skilled labour.

Our team of industry experts know the latest styles and quality materials which can be used to transform your kitchen. Updating benchtops, flooring, re-tiling and painting for long-lasting style and functionality.

If you are looking to sell, our makeovers are aimed to add value to your kitchen and home. We will guide you through the process and personalise your preferences.

A professional can save you time by coordinating licensed and professional trades to complete the work on time and within budget.


Our Kitchen Makeover Process

At Quality Makeovers, our kitchen makeover process is made easy. We visit your home or office for an inspection and quote while we discuss your requirements, the scope of the project and budget. We work with you based on your goals - from preparing your home for sale to maximise its value, or if you just want to refresh the property you live in.

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    We inspect your kitchen & provide a quote

    We do an in home inspection of your kitchen and provide a measure and quote. We listen to you and come up with design ideas based on your needs and requirements. We have solutions to suit any budget.

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    We get to work on the approved concepts

    Once the quote and kitchen concept is approved by you, we get to work on your kitchen makeover. Using the best high-quality materials, our experts coordinate licensed tradespeople to complete the makeover.

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    We complete on time & within budget

    We work to agreed time-frames and within budget, there are no hidden surprises. We are passionate about adding value to your home. Our final inspection after work is completed, ensures high-quality workmanship.

Read Our Customer Reviews

Our expert team has over 10 years experience and can transform your dream kitchen into reality. We stick to agreed timeframes with transparent pricing.

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D. Turner

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I worked with Quality Makeovers in refreshing my investment property in Marrickville before going on the market. Very happy with the speed of their work, they stuck to the time frames and budget with a great outcome.

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M. Kaufman

Group 133

I managed a property in Randwick for a client that wanted to makeover their kitchen and bathroom before renting, it out, this team was so easy to work with, I will definitely be hiring them again for future properties I manage.

Areas we service

We provide kitchen, bathroom and property makeover services, Sydney-Wide. Trust your property with Quality Makeovers with over 10 years of experience. We are committed to quality and exceptional service.

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Why Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home as it is generally where we gather to eat and interact on a daily basis. We spend a lot of our time in our kitchens, so they need to be both functional and visually appealing. It can also add value to your home if you are considering selling your property. There are many reasons to remodel your kitchen which include preparing it for sale, improving its rental potential, or updating your kitchen with a fresh new look so you can enjoy cooking and entertaining.

Considering both current and future needs, a good kitchen design is important at the planning stage. If there are any changes, it is better that they are made during this stage. We not only consider what your current requirements are and use of the kitchen but also for it’s future use as our kitchen makeovers are made to last. You may have a clear idea of what you are after, or you may need some direction from our kitchen experts in turning your vision into a reality within your budget.

At Quality Makeovers we are here to help with services including: decluttering, white goods removal, flooring, painting, re-tiling, removal of pantry, updating cabinetry and more. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your kitchen.